Ghostscout Residency

A Summer in the Woods

As a member of the Secret Society of Ghostscouts, I had the opportunity to spend three months living in the wild woods of Northeastern Vermont.

"Freedom" is the last painting I completed during my residency. It represents the power of connecting with the natural world, believing in your own abilities, and the satisfaction of a hard day's work.

Selected Works from the Residency

"Thinking of You"


Kids in a tree singing "Old Town Road."

Gathering firewood.

Forest Song.

Tribute to a green frog.

Cabin Life

This cabin - built collectively over the years by the Ghostscouts  - was my home for the summer.

Every morning I worked on the communal spaces in the Ghostshrimp National forest; building on the log cabins, digging up a luxury natural bathing spot, clearing brush, and chopping wood.

In the afternoon, I worked on my own comics and illustrations, and explored the magic of the surrounding nature.

© Gina Lerman 2019.
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